It has been ages since I last blogged or posted an OOTD. Things have been so hectic and a lot has changed in such a short space of time, I started uni, met a lot of new people, I changed and grew a lot as person and as a consequence my style has changed/is still changing.

My long hiatus is partly to do with the fact that at one point I wasn't sure why I was blogging or what I should blog about and I realised that I was over-thinking something that was so simple. I realised that I should blog about what I wanted to blog about because this is MY blog and MY space in which I can and should be able to express myself.  With this realisation I started to really miss posting on here about anything and everything fashion related that I found interesting.

One thing that has really changed and is still changing is my individual style as well as where I get my  inspiration from, lately I've been obsessed with Tumblr (a bit late I know) and I've stumbled across so many  amazing Tumblr pages that have opened my eyes to different styles and fashion trends that I would usually not pay much attention to. I've really been loving the all white trend, it is just so clean cut and fresh, and my love for an all black outfit has increased drastically. I could all day about all the trends and items that I am currently loving but I think that would make this post way to long and bit boring to be honest so instead take a look at some of the fashion trends and item's that I am in love with at the moment.

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