I have always thought instragram was such a cool way to check out what people have been up to (because I'm nosey) and get inspiration on different aspects of life.
So I thought I'd get instragram and see if it's my kind of thing or not, and after a few days of instragram I couldn't help but ask myself "why hadn't I used this app earlier" because I just LOVE it, as you can probably tell by the pics down below.
My instragram is adelaide200, go on come follow me ;)

Bye for now :) xox

Holiday OOTD Three

A light breezy outfit for a warm night out with the family, which consists of a black chiffon high low skirt and a black chiffon top, with a black bandeau top underneath and topped off with some black high heels, and we're ready to go !

Bye for now :) xox

Holiday OOTD 2

Yes, another outfit of the day. I wore this outfit a few days ago to go out and about with my family.
I thought my neon yellow peplum top and blue jeans would be perfect for a sunny day with the family and due to the fact that we spent the majority of the day walking around I opted for my black flat slipper/loafers.

Bye for now :) xox

First Holiday OOTD

I feel like I've been neglecting my blog recently, but not by choice I have just been so busy that I haven't had time to blog as much as I would like.

Thankfully I stumbled on the blogger app, meaning that I can blog more frequently (yay) and from any where. At the moment I am on holiday and I am writing this post on my phone so I apologise in advance for and rubbishness you might come across whilst reading this post.

Anyway let's get down to it. Since I've been on holiday the weather has been pretty good meaning that I've had the opportunity to wear a lot of my new summer favourites, such as my black chiffon high low maxi skirt, as you can see down below, along with my orange loose fitting jumper. For accessories I went for gold spiked earrings and a gold gladiator ring. Lastly I wore my black high heels (only because I felt like dressing up a bit) to tie it all together.

I hope the weather continues to be amazing because I have a lot more OOTD's I'd like to post :).

Bye for now :) xox