All kinds of crazy

Here are a few pictures of a OOTD I wore on Monday. I had a pretty hectic day on Monday & I wasn't in the mood to dress up so I opted for a casual & comfortable look. I adore my converses because they are so comfortable and, if worn correctly, can be very stylish too. I decided to go with my light wash jeans, black vest top & navy blazer because I wasn't too sure what the weather was going to be like. Luckily the weather was good to us & it was dry & warm for the majority of the day (lets hope it lasts). The good weather meant that I got the oppurtunity to finally wear my sunglasses from my free at last post (you don't understand how long I had been dying to wear them)  *happy dance*!

Bye for now :) xox   


I feel like I haven't posted something for like ages, so I thought I would upload this little post of a casual outfit I wore a few days ago when I was out & about, sorting out a few bits & bobs. At the time I was hoping that the weather was going to be nice & sunny but knowing how unpredictable British weather can be I took my jacket with me just in case it got a bit chilly later.

For some reason I wasn't in a colourful mood that day, I think it's because I've been wearing a lot of colour lately, so I thought I'd change this up a bit and wear my River Island top along with my jacket, black skirt & my black loafers/slippers from my previous free at last post. I didn't go too mad with accessories I just wore my gold spiked earrings along with my rectangular white & gold ring from H&M. 

Bye for now xox

A night to remember!

A couple of weeks ago I went out with one of my good friend Eunice (I love her she is lovely) to celebrate her sister's 21st birthday! I can not express how much of a good time I had. The whole night was filled with laughter & joy, on top of that I was lucky enough to be in the company of some really amazing & funny ladies.

On the night I decided to wear my purple dress with gold collar tips from my free at last post, I paired that with some black heels, along with my gold spiked earrings.

Bye for now :) xo

Love of the moment

Due to the absolutely RUBBISH weather lately I haven't been able to do as many OOTD's as I had planned to *sad face* but I've still been having the urge to blog regardless.

At the moment I've been religiously visiting the Nasty gal  website & every time I visit it I always find something new that I just love & want. I'm probably not the only one who feels this way because it is a really good website with really good stuff. It is slowly becoming my favourite clothing website of the moment.

If any of you haven't already been on the website and checked out their awesome clothes, I suggest you do so with a quickness.


Bye for now :) xox 


Usually I'm not someone who is that interested in sunglasses but for some reason lately I've been slightly obsessed with them, so much so that I now find my self in search of a pair every time I enter a shop. This obsession hasn't just developed out of nowhere, in fact this is all Beyonce's fault . . . . . . .  yes you read correctly, I said it's Beyonce's fault, every since I saw this picture of Beyonce wearing a pair of gold & black round sunglasses I've been hooked.
Here are a few that I came across whilst I was searching various sites & instantly fell in love with them.

source: Google          The image that started it all           These vintage circle sunglasses with ribbed black frames can be found here. I adore the vintage look of these glasses, as well as the ribbed detailing on the black frames, these would go perfectly with a cute summer dress, a hat similar to the one Beyonce is wearing and a cute pair of flats.           I love these flat top round sunglasses because of the chunky plastic frames and the gradient lenses. They are just so different to a lot of sunglasses I've seen recently. These beauties can be found here           You can find these Plastic Brow small metal sunglasses here. I need these in my life like . . . . . NOW!                Time for my absolute FAVOURITE pair of sunglasses!!!! These beauties are one of my favourites because of the metal frame with a high bar design as well as the tinted lenses. They are not enough words to describe how much I love these sunglasses. You can find these glasses here

Bye for now :) xox  

Summer loving

Here is a quick OOTD for you. The blouse is from H&M, so are the floral shorts along with the spike earrings. I got the bag when I went to South Africa on holiday.

I did end up changing because the weather was horrible and grim *sad face*

Bye for now :) xox

Some fashion inspiration

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has days were you just feel like argggg & you have no idea what to wear or you just feel like you're in a style rut (not good & not fun)  . . . . . well at least I hope I'm not the only one.

On days when I feel stuck I turn to Youtube to watch another one of my favourite Youtubers. BritPopPrincess, as she is known on Youtube, is one of my fashion inspirations & favourite people for the reason that she has such a funny, bubbly personality that you just can't help but love & top that off with a personal style that is very different and unique and you get the awesomeness that is BritPopPrincess.

Check out her latest date night outfit down below, which features a beautiful floral blazer from River Island. ENJOY!!

You can watch more videos from BritPopPrincess here

Bye for now :) xox 

Love at first sight


Lately I've been kind of obsessed with summer dresses, even though summer seems non-existent in England at the moment, in particular summery denim dresses. Whilst searching for the perfect denim dress, which I'm beginning to think doesn't even exist, I came across this little beauty. I don't even know where to begin on why I love this dress, it could be because of the beautiful lace detailing in the front & the back or maybe it's the deep scoop neckline, or it could even because it's such a versatile dress which can be dressed up for a night out with the girls or that special someone or even dressed down for a cool summers day. Either way I'm IN LOVE!

I would also appreciate it if anyone could let me know where I could find a nice denim dress . . . . the hunt continues!

bye for now :) xox 

Free at last

As some of you might already know a lot of people have had exams lately & I was one of those unlucky people, however all my exams are now over (my last exams was last Tuesday) & I'm FREE AT LAST!!!!
To celebrate my freedom I celebrated by catching up on all the much needed sleep that I missed out on & also by hitting the shops.

On my recent little shopping trip I brought a few things when I was out with two of my lovely friends. Although I couldn't find everything that I wanted I did find a few things which I really liked & can't wait to wear.

So lets get to it . . . .  The first thing which caught my eye, & momentarily stopped my heart, were the flat black loafers/slippers. I could not believe my luck when I saw these babies I had been looking for these type of shoes for the longest time ever & had no luck in finding them until recently,now I just need to find the spiked version of these shows & my life will be complete. Along with the black loafers/slippers I came across this really cool faded Aztec print T-shirt usually I wouldn't purchase something like this but when I saw it I just thought WOW & I also have a few ideas on how I could wear so you might see this T-shirt in an OOTD in the near future.
I obviously had to go into H&M, because I haven't got enough will power to walk past H&M without having a little peek, whilst I was in there I found these lovely over sized sunglasses with gold detailing at the top. I'm so glad that I brought them because THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! I also brought some gold spike earrings, which I wore recently on a night out.
My favourite & most loved purchase of the day had to be the light purple chiffon dress. What I loved the most about this dress was the gold collar tips they just added that extra something to the dress, this is another item that I wore on a recent night out & I received quiet a few compliments on it.

Bye for now :) xox