Let there be light!

As some of you already know, due to reading other blogs, the sun has finally come out to play in England *happy dance*. Obviously we've all been taking full advantage of the beautiful weather, well everybody but me due to exams :(. However I decided to take a little break from revising (and wanting to rip my hair out due to pure frustration) to catch up on a few videos on Youtube & whilst doing this I came across a cover of I used to love him (originally by Lauryn Hill) by one of my favourite people on Youtube Alex Serra or aleutube as he is known on Youtube.
I fell in love with his version of the song from the moment I heard it,  it's just a calm, mellow song to listen to on a lazy summers days & it's all I've been listening to for the past few days! This cover has been officially added to my list of summer songs.

Take a listen to his cover down below & also check out his other covers on his Youtube channel here

Bye for now :) xox 

H&M Fall Collection 2012

Even though we haven't entered summer yet H&M have already released a sneak peak of their 2012 fall collection & to be honest it looks A-MAZ-ING! Having spent a few minutes gawking at the excellence that's to come, I managed to compose my self and upload a few pictures of my favourite looks from the 2012 fall collection.

Love it all, especially the mustard oversized knit cardigan. 

Bye for now :) xox 

A Casual Day


Yesterday we were fortunate enough to get a bit of sunshine, after days of rain and grey skies. So obviously I embraced the good weather & once again went out to run some errands with some friends of course. I wasn't sure how long the weather was going to last for so to be on the safe side I opted for a faux leather jacket, just in case it got a little chiller later on (just in case your wondering, it did get a bit chilly hence why I'm wearing the jacket in the above pics). 

Since I wasn't doing anything special I thought I'd just dress up in a casual and comfortable way.This was the first time I wore my chiffon pink top (that I got from republic about a year ago), the only reason I hadn't worn it since I'd brought it, is because I kinda forgot that I had it to be honest but I found it yesterday & thought that I'd throw it on with my jeans and my beige flat shoes (first time I wore those since I brought them too). I obviously had to take my Zara bag with me because its just so big and spacious & I just love it! 

Bye for now :) xox 

Cannes Film Festival

Okay am I the only one who seems to be stupidly excited for the Cannes Film Festival (which kicked                    off today with a bang) . . . . I probably am but oh well. There is one simple reason as to why I'm so excited for the Cannes Film Festival and that is the fashion! To me the Cannes Film Festival and the MET Gala are all about who's wearing what and how they're wearing it.

Although it's only day one of the Cannes Film Festival already there has been a few outfits that have grabbed my attention and left me in a state of awe and extreme jealousy. Here are a few that I'm loving at the moment.

 A vision in red Berenice Bejo looks flawless in this beautiful red gown by Louis Vuitton. The make up and gown are both just on point!

*Screams with excitement* When I saw Diane Kruger in this pastel blue one shouldered Giambattista Valli Couture dress my heart melted. The way it just flows as she walks adds to the beauty of this dress. The age old quote of "less is more" seems to be 100% true in this case. I just can't get enough of this dress. I love love love it! :) 

Bye for now :) xox 

Just a normal day :)

Once again the weather was a bit rubbish (so much for spring) so I thought I'd cheer my self up and dress up a bit, even though I was just going out to run a few errands but hey ho. Surprisingly the day turned out to be a pretty good day. I met up with a friend and we just spent our time laughing joking and of course stuffing our faces (I love my food!) with some yummy food! 

This was the first time I got to wear my white and pink blouse (yayyy!) since I brought it about 2 or 3 months ago simply because I couldn't find anything that went with it, but with a bit of creativity I managed to pair it with some burgundy trousers that I got last year from H&M (I love that shop they always have such a variety) & my brown loafers, which I can't stop wearing its like my love for them has been re-sparked, and my bag of choice for the day was my Zara bag (no surprise there). I chose not to wear any accessories because I thought it would take away from the simplicity of the outfit and overwhelm it. 

Hope you like it just as much as I did. :) 

Bye for now xox   

Spring & Patterns

For the first time in what feels like decades the weather actually resembled a springs day (YAY!) for a change. So I took the opportunity to take a few photos with one of my friends (whilst the good weather lasted before we go back to gloomy sky's and rain) although we were meant to be revising but I won't tell if you don't ;). I was feeling inspirited by the pattern trend that seems to be on trend this spring, hence the light blue patterned top, and thought I'd draw more attention to it by wearing colours that brought it out more. It felt a bit bare so I thought I'd top it off with, one of my favourite accessory items at the moment, a gold chocker as a statement piece. 

Bye for now xox 

Anna Dello Russo and H&M

A sneak peak at Anna Dello Russo's H&M range

As many of you might already know (if you don't you do now) Anna Dello Russo the creative consultant for Vogue Japan, and fashion icon, has teamed up with every bodies favourite store H&M to produce a range of affordable accessories which will be available in stores in October ( so mark you calendars ladies). You can expect a variety of things from the new collection such as sunglasses, shoes and bags.The collection has been inspired by a pop up book version of Lewis Carroll's Alice in wonderland - all sounds very interesting & super exciting to say the least! 
I personally cannot wait to get my hands on a few of (if not all) of the Anna Dello Russo H&M accessories collection. 

Bye for now :) xox 


OMG I came across this picture of Cassie (whilst on a hunt for a blazer- my new fashion fixation at the moment) and I was just in awe of how chic and amazing she looked, so obviously I had to post it on here ;).  I am loving everything about this look including the snake skin looking trousers (to be honest it's not something I'd usually go for but the way she's styled it just works) and the minimal use of gold accessories adds to the chic sophisticated look. I am in fashion love with her! Well Jell!!!

Bye for now :) xox


This is my first blog EVER  and this is my first blog post (obviously). Basically the reason I made this blog is because I love fashion, beauty and all that jazz. I thought a blog would be a cool and fun way to just document my personal style, show a few outfits and what inspires and interests me. I hope to post a few bits and bobs on a regular basis but we'll see how that goes. 

Bye for now :) xox