Free at last

As some of you might already know a lot of people have had exams lately & I was one of those unlucky people, however all my exams are now over (my last exams was last Tuesday) & I'm FREE AT LAST!!!!
To celebrate my freedom I celebrated by catching up on all the much needed sleep that I missed out on & also by hitting the shops.

On my recent little shopping trip I brought a few things when I was out with two of my lovely friends. Although I couldn't find everything that I wanted I did find a few things which I really liked & can't wait to wear.

So lets get to it . . . .  The first thing which caught my eye, & momentarily stopped my heart, were the flat black loafers/slippers. I could not believe my luck when I saw these babies I had been looking for these type of shoes for the longest time ever & had no luck in finding them until recently,now I just need to find the spiked version of these shows & my life will be complete. Along with the black loafers/slippers I came across this really cool faded Aztec print T-shirt usually I wouldn't purchase something like this but when I saw it I just thought WOW & I also have a few ideas on how I could wear so you might see this T-shirt in an OOTD in the near future.
I obviously had to go into H&M, because I haven't got enough will power to walk past H&M without having a little peek, whilst I was in there I found these lovely over sized sunglasses with gold detailing at the top. I'm so glad that I brought them because THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! I also brought some gold spike earrings, which I wore recently on a night out.
My favourite & most loved purchase of the day had to be the light purple chiffon dress. What I loved the most about this dress was the gold collar tips they just added that extra something to the dress, this is another item that I wore on a recent night out & I received quiet a few compliments on it.

Bye for now :) xox 


  1. I love all your purchases, especially the dress! Gorgeous.
    Just found your blog, it's so cute! Maybe check out mine?

    xx Carli from

    1. Awwww thank you very much & I will definitely have a look at your blog :) x

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