Usually I'm not someone who is that interested in sunglasses but for some reason lately I've been slightly obsessed with them, so much so that I now find my self in search of a pair every time I enter a shop. This obsession hasn't just developed out of nowhere, in fact this is all Beyonce's fault . . . . . . .  yes you read correctly, I said it's Beyonce's fault, every since I saw this picture of Beyonce wearing a pair of gold & black round sunglasses I've been hooked.
Here are a few that I came across whilst I was searching various sites & instantly fell in love with them.

source: Google          The image that started it all  

Source:Nastygal.com           These vintage circle sunglasses with ribbed black frames can be found here. I adore the vintage look of these glasses, as well as the ribbed detailing on the black frames, these would go perfectly with a cute summer dress, a hat similar to the one Beyonce is wearing and a cute pair of flats.  

Source:ASOS.com           I love these flat top round sunglasses because of the chunky plastic frames and the gradient lenses. They are just so different to a lot of sunglasses I've seen recently. These beauties can be found here

Source:Topshop.com           You can find these Plastic Brow small metal sunglasses here. I need these in my life like . . . . . NOW! 

Source:ASOS.com                Time for my absolute FAVOURITE pair of sunglasses!!!! These beauties are one of my favourites because of the metal frame with a high bar design as well as the tinted lenses. They are not enough words to describe how much I love these sunglasses. You can find these glasses here

Bye for now :) xox  


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  2. Oh wow these sunnies look amazing!

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