Just a normal day :)

Once again the weather was a bit rubbish (so much for spring) so I thought I'd cheer my self up and dress up a bit, even though I was just going out to run a few errands but hey ho. Surprisingly the day turned out to be a pretty good day. I met up with a friend and we just spent our time laughing joking and of course stuffing our faces (I love my food!) with some yummy food! 

This was the first time I got to wear my white and pink blouse (yayyy!) since I brought it about 2 or 3 months ago simply because I couldn't find anything that went with it, but with a bit of creativity I managed to pair it with some burgundy trousers that I got last year from H&M (I love that shop they always have such a variety) & my brown loafers, which I can't stop wearing its like my love for them has been re-sparked, and my bag of choice for the day was my Zara bag (no surprise there). I chose not to wear any accessories because I thought it would take away from the simplicity of the outfit and overwhelm it. 

Hope you like it just as much as I did. :) 

Bye for now xox   


  1. love the whole outfit :D
    but especially the pants! it looks amazing
    with burgundy :D
    xoxo :*


    1. Thank you very much :). Your blog is lovely btw :) x

  2. chic outfit! love the trousers! xx


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