A Casual Day


Yesterday we were fortunate enough to get a bit of sunshine, after days of rain and grey skies. So obviously I embraced the good weather & once again went out to run some errands with some friends of course. I wasn't sure how long the weather was going to last for so to be on the safe side I opted for a faux leather jacket, just in case it got a little chiller later on (just in case your wondering, it did get a bit chilly hence why I'm wearing the jacket in the above pics). 

Since I wasn't doing anything special I thought I'd just dress up in a casual and comfortable way.This was the first time I wore my chiffon pink top (that I got from republic about a year ago), the only reason I hadn't worn it since I'd brought it, is because I kinda forgot that I had it to be honest but I found it yesterday & thought that I'd throw it on with my jeans and my beige flat shoes (first time I wore those since I brought them too). I obviously had to take my Zara bag with me because its just so big and spacious & I just love it! 

Bye for now :) xox 

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