Spring 2013

If you live in England you wouldn't think that we are currently meant to be in Spring because the weather is AWFUL, but that hasn't stopped me from browsing the Internet and looking at all the beautiful things out there. To be honest I just want the sun to come out and play already, I need some sun in my life.

For some reason recently I've been obsessed with a few items lately such as blazers, as well as crop tops and printed trousers.
I've included a few of my absolute favorites in this post.
Enjoy :) xox

Source of image: www.zara.com
Zara - £59.99  
This exquisite black blazer with gold detailing on the shoulders would be a great feature in anyone's wardrobe 

Source of image: ww.zara.com 
Zara - £79.99
Classic, chic and clean. These are some of the words that come to mind when looking at this blazer, not to mention this blazer is very much on trend at the moment, due to the monochrome trend. 

Source of image: www.zara.com 
Zara - £69.99
It was love at first sight when I saw this Floral blazer from Zara. I honestly just adore this blazer, however, I'm not too keen on the price. 
Source of image: www.nastygal.com 
Nasty Gal - £19.81
  I am in love with this black crop top from Nasty Gal, the simplicity of it is what I love the most about this particular item.  

Source of image: www.nastygal.com 
Nasty Gal - £19.81
This 'caged up bustier' from Nasty Gal can add a pop of color to any outfit  

Source of image: www.nastygal.com 
Nasty Gal - £25.10 
This pencil high low skirt is a great item for those casual days and it comes in other colors too!

Source of image: www.zara.com 
Zara - £35.99 
These Geometric patterned trousers would be perfect with a simply white loose fitting vest top along with killer pair of heels 

Source of image: www.zara.com 
Zara - £29.99 
I'm not someone who is usually into patterned trousers however these were the first pair of patterned trousers I fell in love with, so these are to blame for my current obsession with patterned trousers.  

Source of image: www.hm.com 
H&M - £34.99
Although these trousers aren't really spring appropriate I still love them & think they would be great if you're going out to dinner. 

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  1. some fab pics there especially the sara trousers - love them x